CPOMP 2019
Thursday, April 11 - Saturday, April 13, 2019
Waldorf Astoria, Orlando, FL


CPOMP's Second Annual Meeting took place at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando, Florida on April 11-13, 2019. Over 75 medical groups attended from across the country, represented by physician owners and executives.  Attendees spent two days discussing physician-owned real estate topics in peer-led sessions and industry expert presentations and networking with their peers and CPOMP Sponsors.


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CPOMP 2019 Topics

Management of Medical Real Estate

  • A panel of executives discusses what's involved with managing real estate ownership and the best ways to make sure the real estate doesn't interfere with practice management.

Financing 101

  • A presentation by a professional finance team explaining salient loan terms, revealing a few banker tricks, and sharing some effective negotiating tips.

Libor Replacement 2021 - Real Estate Debt's Global Warming

  • Explanation on how to asses the risks of current and future loans in regard to Libor replacement in 2021 and what practices can do to improve their position.

Partner Integration - The Bane of Physician-Owned Real Estate

  • How important is it to have all physicians on board? Should membership be mandatory? 
  • Using ownership as a recruiting tool
  • Best (and worst) methods of buying in
  • Best (and worst) methods of buying partners out
  • Formulating a sustainable integration process

The Science of Site Selection - Removing the Guesswork

  • Presentation of new analytic tools now available that provide a greater surety in determining the proper location for expansion or acquisition.

Planning a New Project - The Inception

  • Creating a budget - making the right assumptions
  • Does cost determine rent or rent determine cost? What's the best approach? 
  • Financing - determining objectives. Should I go it alone? 
  • What should my project team look like? 
  • What is the difference between a developer and an owner's rep? Do we need either? 

Stark Provisions & Anti-Kickback Statutes

  • A Partner from Foley & Lardner explains how Stark Provisions and Anti-Kickback Statutes does or does not impact the relationship between the practice and real estate entities. 

The Economic Forecast 

  • JP Conklin of Pensford provides an update on his predictions from CPOMP 2018 and explains how he, as a former banker, managed to have borrowers embrace him even as he created unseen advantages for the bank at the borrower's expense. 

Operational Transitions - Don't Forget the Real Estate

  • Maintaining leverage by immediately incorporating the real estate into negotiations
  • Rolling up separate properties in a merger – methods of equitably aligning interests between partners
  • Who’s going to own the real estate in a hospital integration? How to optimize value in either case
  • How your decisions may impact current and future financing – avoiding default & maintaining leverage
  • Final considerations: is this the time to sell or to hold?

Creating Customized Financing Solutions - The Importance of "Having It Your Way"

  • Unique financial solutions that can be crafted to resolve issues or improve economic outcomes to physician partners. 

Your Real Estate Investment - Who's In and Who's Out

  • The importance of CONTROL – maintaining the agenda of the practice
  • Considerations in the inclusion of practice executives
  • Reasons to include the developer – keeping development and investment distinct
  • What to look for in an equity partner

Why a Carefully Crafted Operating Agreement Should be the Foundation of Every Entity

  • A Partner at Foley & Lardner presents the importance of a carefully crafted operating agreement and demonstrates the potentially unfortunate outcomes when that doesn't happen.





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