Join us for discussions and analysis provided by industry experts, physician-owners, and healthcare executives from around the country, exploring everything related to physician-owned medical real estate. Produced by CPOMP, the Congress of Physician-Owned Medical Properties. Listen below or search CPOMP on your favorite podcast platform.  



Marion Jenkins, Partner and co-Founder at HealthSpaces, joins us to discuss the technological side of planning new medical office buildings, links between the operations of the practice and technology, future-proofing of medical real estate, and the cost of these technology considerations.



This week we are sharing an episode from Hall Render's Healthcare Real Estate Advisor podcast, hosted by Andrew Dick, an attorney at the firm. Hall Render is the largest healthcare-focused law firm in the country. Andrew interviews James Winchester, CPOMP's podcast host and the Lead Financial Analyst for CMAC Partners, a firm that works with physicians to maximize the value of their real estate investments.



Josh Teague, President of Development & Investments at Real Estate Strategies discusses how groups generally choose new real estate locations, the importance of network optimization, and how to use a data-driven strategy.



Michael McCaslin, CPA and Partner at Somerset CPAs & Advisors, joins CPOMP to discuss real estate succession planning, its effect on recruitment, the structuring and framing of the investment, and models that help address these issues. 



Chris Stai, CPA and Managing Director at Healthcare Real Estate Advisors, discusses how MOB/ASC sales have been affected during COVID, objectives and structures to consider when contemplating a sale/leaseback, how to ensure the right representation, what practices are seeing in terms of valuations, and more.



Steve Dobias, CPA and Partner with Somerset CPAs & Advisors, discusses new construction planning and development for MOBs and ASCs in the current environment.



Eric Nuttall, CPA and Partner at Eide Bailly, discusses how physicians can best utilize a myriad of tax benefits during the life of their real estate ownership. The discussion involves buy-in methods, structure of ownership, realization of depreciation, tax programs, and more.



Guests Joe Ashcraft, Healthcare Project Architect and Jason Brown, Senior Preconstruction Manager of Neenan Archistruction discuss how MOB and ASC design considerations are shifting in the COVID-19 environment. 



Guest JP Conklin of Pensford & LoanBoss discusses timely topics that focus on the methods banks are using to maintain their loan profitability and how they affect medical borrowers.